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You are created and called for a purpose.  

We help you take action to discover and steward your calling and purpose. 


Okay, so here's the deal. Years ago, I found myself lost, broken, and alone. I didn't know who I was or how valuable I was.

So I went on a journey to find out.

 This journey of discovery, healing, and faith, marked by overcoming years of abuse, pain, and trauma, transformed my life. I sopped waiting for the perfect time to travel, reach for my dreams, or for the approval of others to live a life that I truly loved.

As I journeyed, I wrote, traveled, took on some God-sized adventures, and discovered my true self and the life I desired. I started walking in my purpose, on purpose. My faith deepened, and I became anchored in the love of Christ.

From my journey, I formed Heartstance LLC, a place for women to live loved and walk in their purpose.

 I stand as a testament to God's redeeming love and transforming power. And now, I want to help other women live loved too! I want to equip you with the space, encouragement, and tools to follow that God-sized dream in your heart. I want to empower you to stop waiting and to start living loved. 

Is it time to write your book, go back to school, or start your business? I have done all of those things, from scratch, and I want to help you with your God-sized dream too!

I went from foster homes and a high school drop out to become a professional college counselor, writer, and business founder, and I am on my way to earning my Doctorate in Biblical Based Strategic Leadership. I have written and published over 20 books, magazines, ebooks, and children's books and I have helped many women take their first steps in writing, business, and education! 

If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!

What has God called you to? I want to help you step out and live loved as you pursue that calling. Connect with me today!

-Rosie Rochelle

Founder and Director, Heartstance LLC


God created us to grow and flourish. He calls us to rise higher. When we operate in our giftings faithfully, God will nudge and stretch us to go to a level we didn't know existed. He will encourage the best out of us.

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Unleash Your Kingdom Calling Now

Are you ready to live loved and to step into your kingdom purpose but not sure where to start? Grab a free purpose guide with journal prompts and reflections to help you find your kingdom purpose! 

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