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1-on-1 with HeartStance CEO & Visionary

June 9, 2019

Who is the creative voice behind HeartStance? An up close look at Rosie Rochelle and her heart behind HeartStance.

Tell us about your story:

Wow, that could take a minute! I'll tell you this, I never imagined that this would be my life or what I was doing. I grew up in a pretty challenging and dysfunctional family system so 'dreaming' wasn't something that I was afforded. But I always had a creative side. Any chance I had, I would write, enter writing contest, join school or church plays and even the choir. I was drawn to the creative arts. Once I even won an art contest for a Papier-mâché cat I created. 

So you're an artist?

No not at all. At least I never considered myself one. I guess now I can see that I'm more of a visionary and creative designer if you will. 

What else can you tell us about your upbringing:

Just that it wasn't meant for any child to walk through. I lived in and out of foster homes from the age of one. I experienced abuse at the hands of many people. I pretty much raised myself from the age of 14. It was painful but I survived it and determined that I did not want to repeat the cycles of abuse in my family. 

How did you come from that background and move to creating HeartStance?

In my twenties I lived out a lot of dysfunction that was a result of my upbringing. But I got to a point of frustration and realized that something needed to change. I searched for help, read self-self books and blogs, went to personal development seminars...and well, nothing really stuck. I kept finding myself right back where I started or sometimes even worse. I finally asked the Lord to help me. Immediately, I got a vision for HeartStance (though I didn't call it that at the time) and began creating. But it wasn't that easy for me. I kept believing lies that I wasn't worthy or qualified to create something like this and would eventually just give up. It has taken years of me sitting at the Lord's feet, learning who He is and learning who I am to Him to finally bring all the pieces together. In a sense, all of this even needed to happen for HeartStance to be developed. Without walking through the rebuilding of my identity, I wouldn't have the passion, understanding or courage to help others do the same. 

We hear you love to travel, what is your favorite place?

Hands down, Rome! And Ireland! But I'm going to Prague soon so maybe that will make the list too!

Is that how you came up with the idea of 'Dream Retreats'?

Yes, totally! I used to think traveling was so hard or expensive or I was too afraid to go. Once I started traveling and experiencing other parts of the world, I realized it is just an essential for me in life. I wanted to give women the opportunity to experience that in a safe place where we can have fun together. 

What's your favorite thing about HeartStance?

Oh my gosh all of it! I can't pick one thing. I will say I love reaching women who were like me and thought there was no chance or hope for them. I want to help prove that there is hope for everyone, no matter what you've been through. Oh and of course, I love our Dream Retreats! 

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