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Image by Ben White

A Silent Witness

Antoinette Deshaies

A Silent Witness

God places us in work environments to be a blessing and to witness the lost. But often as Christians, we find ourselves in positions in which our voice has been silenced. It is becoming increasingly difficult to share your faith with others without the fear of being of accused of harassment.  Which leads me to the question of how do glory God and have a positive impact without saying a word? 

Become a silent witness. A silent witness is defined as “one who displays traces of evidence.” I discovered this form of witnessing honestly by accident when I started my new job.  

I had the new job jitters and my friend knowing this bought me this coffee cup to place on my desk.  She stated it was to be “a small reminder when things get tough. The cup simply states “Prayer changes everything” on one side and 1Thessalonians 5:17 on the other.   I happily filled it with coffee and placed it on my desk in preparation to start the new hire training. 

 A few moments later, my boss walked into my office looked at the cup and promptly declared to me “I do not believe in God, I am not a religious person”.  Started by her statement, I instinctively replied “Oh ok I will pray for you.”  She looked at me huffed and we began my training.  She had said her piece about my coffee cup.  And we have never spoken about it again. However, it is still silently witnessing to her daily.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar work environment that does not openly allow you witness to your co-workers. Become a silent witness leaving traces of evidence of your faith in God, via a coffee cup, a plaque with your favorite verse or if you’re feeling bold a prayer jar for anonymous prayer request. 

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