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Image by Markus Spiske

ABBA, I Cry Out to You

June 9, 2019

By Psalm Brough

Image by Ricardo Moura

Show me the parts that I’ve lost
The little girl inside 
You’re child 
Alive and free 
Who I am destined to be 
Where is she? 
I hear her calling 
Unto you, unto me 
dancing with the leaves 
swinging from the trees 
Who am I meant to be 
Where is she? 
Open my eyes to see 
release my heart from captivity 
meet this longing 
pull on my heartstrings 
let it be free-flowing 
out from the well within 
I see him 
as an all-consuming fire 
he is my desire 
El Shaddai 
be lifted high 
you hear my cry 
from every part of my mind 
there’s nothing hidden from your sight 
flood me with your life 
with your mind 
Who is this girl inside? 
a woman, a warrior in sight 
Let her arise 
Arise from the slumber of the night 
Arise my strength and delight 
Have no fright 
Have no fear 
Jesus is with you here 
Heaven is on your side 
Surrender your mind 
Let heaven collide 
The kingdom abide 
Speak to the heart and mind 
Be free and receive 
Expand your capacity 
There is a favor and glory 
For I the Lord, write your story.

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