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You were made for purpose.
You were made for such a time as this

Image by Kelly Sikkema

What is the Heartstance Leadership Academy?

Transform your life and live out your purpose and calling through our leadership academy. Our leadership academy is a personalized, spirit-filled discipleship and training program to help you grow in your identity, gifts, and calling.

This is a 12-week program to help you walk in your strengths, gifts, and calling, with 3 modules focused on gifts, inner-healing, and developing your vision. The 12-week program will end with a 2-week practicum. Students will have an option to chose between writing, business (leadership), or ministry practicums. Get equipped, get healed, and be launched into your purpose and calling with the Leadership Academy! 

It's Your Time to Rise

So many women want to walk out their purpose, but do not know where to start! As women, we are stretched between work, family, Bible study groups, managing the house, and so many other responsibilities that we tend to put our dreams on hold in hopes that "someday I'll have the time." Well, now is your time to rise. There are people waiting for the purpose that you carry. The book you need to write. The ministry you need to start. The business you need to grow. People are waiting for you! 

No more waiting for someday, now is the time to step into your purpose. Join the Hearstance Leadership Academy today to grow in your gifts and start living in your purpose! 


Meet Your Host

Rosie brings her business and leadership experience with a Kingdom perspective to help you grow in your gifts and launch into your calling. She holds a Masters degree in Executive Leadership, is a career and college counselor, and has over 15 years of experience supporting ministries and businesses. She has helped launch and scale over 10 businesses, has taught hundreds of ministry students, and helped thousands of people find and launch into their career and calling. She is a writer and the founder of Heartstance LLC and publsiher of HeartStories Devotional and His Story Magazine. Rosie's calling is to help launch people into their purpose and calling. Join the Heartstance Leadership Academy to train with Rosie today! 

Here's How It Works:

Leadership Academy:

We will meet once per week for teaching, community, prayer, and activation. The 12- week program is broken into 3 modules:

  • Foundations: Your design and your designation. Who you are in Christ and what you are made for.

  • Core: Inner-life. This module will cover spiritual practices like prayer, worship, and journaling. You learn how to develop a rich inner-life with the Lord, including inner-healing. A healthy inner-life will give you the tools, confidence, and strength in God to walk boldly into your calling and purpose. 

  • Vision: In the vision track, you will develop your calling and vision. You will have an opportunity to walk this out through a practicum of your choosing, we will offer a practicum in writing, business, or ministry. 

Weekly Virtual Meetups: 

We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 12pm EST for a 2 hour working session.​​


We meet every other Saturday our community call. This includes:

  • Prayer

  • Devotional

  • Writing and reflection prompts to help you in your faith and walk with God.

  • Community to support and encourage you.

  • A time to debrief and discuss what God is putting on your heart. 

  • This time will refresh and lift your soul! 

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