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Melody of Song

by Lisa Kurz Parrish

The melody flows, clear and sweet

Relaxing my mind, to my ears a treat

Rising and falling, emotions grow

Thundering waves that ebb and flow

A flood washes over me as you play

A path shines before me and lights my way

The song drives me onward to a distant shore

Which seems somehow familiar, have I been here before?

A warm, welcoming hug, an inviting grin

The chorus enfolds me and welcomes me in

As the melody flows, my heart swells and sings

I lay it all down as a love offering

Peace steals over me, a balm that heals

I’m so overwhelmed I stop and kneel

In awe of the mystery the music brings

And leads me to worship at the feet of the King of kings.

Lisa Kurz Parrish

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