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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of HeartStance

June 9, 2019

So many people ask 'what does HeartStance even mean?' 

HeartStance is the position of your heart. Often, we can place things on our heart that simply don't align with who we are. Things like money, fame, success for example can entangle our heart and cause us to operate from a place of proving our value rather than expressing our design. My desire is that many women will develop a HeartStance that aligns with their true being as well. This HeartStance will put who you are and what you believe at the center of your heart and all you do will flow from it. 

How was HeartStance created? 

Gosh, over 10 years ago I sat at my computer and started creating. I wrote, I developed visions, I started teaching and coaching. I had a vision of providing a safe place for women who are 'in-between'. Maybe theses women are searching, trying to figure out who they are or what they were created for. I knew all about this, because that woman was me! And for the last 10 years that idea has continued to grow and develop to what is now HeartStance. 

Where did the name HeartStance come from?

HeartStance had many names before it was ever called HeartStance. I like things that are unique, stand out and one of a kind. So naturally, I refused to settle for a name that was 'like anything else'. I always ask 'what's the position of your heart? Or what is your heart leaning to?' This is where HeartStance came from. 

What does HeartStance hope to accomplish?

We really desire to reach as many women as we can and help them to live loved. We want women to walk in their true identity, not a false identity that the world tries to impose. And we want to have fun and express beauty while doing it! We want to give women the space to create and share their voice through His Story Speaks. We provide a place for women to grow, build a community and know their value through our coaching and Dream Retreat programs. 

What are your core values at HeartStannce?

1-We put God first and at the center of everything we do. If it does not align with His heart, then it doesn't align with ours.

2-Authenticity. We aim to be true to ourselves and transparent in who we are.

3-Giving. We give 100% of ourselves to what we do. We give to others. We give back to God.

4-Identity. We want to help women know their true identity, gifts, talents and strengths. 

5-Collaboration. We are not a one-man show at HeartStance. We partner with different people and organizations and want to help lift others up. 

How can someone get involved in HeartStance?

Oh, there are so many ways to connect! We are always looking for women who want to share their story through His Story Speaks. Women can also connect with our community through our Dream Retreats or other events we have posted. Or for women who want more individualized support, we offer coaching. 

What can we expect from HeartStance in the future?

Collaboration. We want to empower women to empower others and that includes collaborating with other organizations and leaders. We have no intention to keep knowledge, resources or beauty to ourselves so you will find us looking for ways to connect with others and help them expand their area of influence. 

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