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From Idea to Reality: The heart behind His Story

What is His Story anyway?

His Story is a place where every woman can shine. We wanted to create a space for women to be encouraged by other women's stories. 

Have a story? You can share it here.

Need encouragement? You can get it here. 

What makes His Story different than a blog?

We have a blog but you will find that most of the blog articles are written by one person and it's that author's take on the world. We wanted to give that same opportunity to other woman so we created His Story. 

What's the vision for His Story?

We hope to reach women through women. We want His Story to move beyond the screen and into the hands of women through a magazine. For now, we have the website page.

Who can share on His Story?

Any woman, any age, any story. The only regulations we have are: must be uplifting, encouraging and point others to God in some way. 

How can someone submit a story?

Simply go to the 'contact us' tab and email us with your story! You can attach it with a picture of yourself you would like to share. 

Does everyone's story and picture get posted?

We will definitely let you know if we can or cannot use your story. 

How can I get more involved with His Story or HeartStance?

Contact us! Let us know how you would like to be involved and we will connect with you! 

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