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His Story Magazine is made of real stories, by real women. We aim to inspire, encourage, and ignite women through our own testimonies and the truth of God. All submissions and contributors are voluntary and may not express the beliefs of Heartstance LLC.

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Image by Denys Nevozhai

Living with Wonder and Wisdom

Laura Coppock

“Do you trust me?” -God

Andrea Yousif

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

There was Hope

By Brittany Paige

Faith for Forward Motion

By Laura Coppock

Image by Noémi Macavei-Katócz
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Image by Church of the King

My Favorite Queen

Brittany Paige

Masterpiece of Grace

Melissa Summers

Image by Alex Shute
Image by lucas mendes

A Proverbs 31 Who?

Laura Coppock

Girl, Get Up and Fight

Five Spiritual Disciplines That Will Strengthen You for Battle 

Rosie Rochelle

Image by Arisa Chattasa
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Image by Ben White

A Silent Witness

Antoinette Deshaies


Gina Vigil
His Story Magazine Masterpiece September 2022

Loving Child
Person Looking Out Window

So that the Unsaved can see
God's Glory and Power

Antoinette Deshaies 
His Story Magazine Masterpiece September 2022

Survivor Babes

Mercedes Renee Eldridge
His Story Magazine Masterpiece September 2022

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Dog Walk

My Good Shepherd, My Good Trainer. John 10:11

Melissa Summers
His Story Magazine Courage Rising July 2021

Ten Ways to Create a Place of Peace in Your Life

Rosie Rochelle
His Story A New Generation 
October 2021

Pink Chair
Jumping in the Leaves

Fall into Fall! 8 Fun Fall Activities Anyone Will Love!

His Story Magazine A New Generation
October 2021

My Secret Weapon

Brittany Paige
His Story Magazine
A New Generation October 2021

HS Magazine: News

Hope for Public Schools

Messages of Truth

Selfie at Home
Woman on Bridge

Not Common

Five Fun Things to Do This Summer!

HS Magazine: News
Vintage Shoes

The Not-So Prodigal Son

You're probably thinking something along the lines of, "I wonder what the details of her story of running away and coming back are." Sorry to disappoint, but I'm actually the other son.

1-on-1 with HeartStance CEO & Visionary

Who is the creative voice behind HeartStance? A 1-on-1 with HeartStance Visionary Rosie Rochelle


From Trauma to Triumph

"Hearing my husband might be sentenced to 25 years in prison had me shocked and asking Jesus, 'are you sure'? says Ashlyn as we sat to hear how her unusual yet remarkable story of God's redemption is now reaching so many who need hope.

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of HeartStance

So many people ask 'what does HeartStance even mean?' HeartStance is your core, it's your being. My desire is that women will develop a HeartStance that aligns with their true being and let their beauty shine.

Female Developers
Duffel Bag

The One Who Ran Away

There's nothing to hide here, I am the one who ran away.

How to Bloom in the Desert

Ever feel like nothing is changing?

Here are some ways you can bloom even in a desert, dry, scorching hot season. 

Bike Path

Count the Cost: Following A Simple Path to Making Wise Decisions

We are faced everyday with SO many choices. How do you know what to chose? What about the big life decisions like school or a big move?

From Idea to Reality: The heart behind His Story

What is His Story anyway?

Afternoon Light
Friends and Donuts

Love Your Neighbor

Laura Coppock
His Story Magazine

Christmas With Mary

Laura Coppock 
His Story Magazine

Christmas Gift
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