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Not Common

June 9, 2019

Rosie Rochelle
His Story Magazine First Love February 2021

I'm on a little bit of an Esther kick right now. Truth be told, Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible.

It's a story I can relate to...minus the part of becoming a queen and ya know...saving her people from death.

But the story of Esther is one of an underdog...someone who could have easily become forgotten. She was an orphan. She was taken in by her uncle who raised her, cared for her and provided her with opportunities she might not have had otherwise.

She became Queen to a powerful King. She had all the luxury and beautiful things one could ask for. She had it all. 

At the height of her reign, her people were in trouble and being threatened by death. She was in a position to help but when the opportunity presented itself her first response was not a resounding yes.

She hesitated.

She made excuses.

She found herself stuck in fear and worry.

At the core of it, she was human just like you and me.

How often do we find ourselves with an opportunity to help someone in need, answer a call or move to our next season, only to find ourselves in the middle of stuck? Stuck between fear and worry and hesitation.

Maybe it's fear about what others will think.

Or fear about your own safety.

Or fear of the future and uncertainty.

If I'm honest, I have found myself in this same place once or twice. Okay, definitely more.

When I look at the book of Esther, I see that it wasn't her own strength or courage that allowed her to step up and answer the call. It was through the encouragement and challenge of her uncle Mordecai. He helped her to see beyond herself, circumstances and narrow view to a bigger picture. He helped her to see that she was not common. His famous words "maybe you were born for such a time as this", still ring in our hearts today. 

Esther needed Mordecai to challenge and encourage her. And then she needed to respond with obedience. She needed to give her yes. 

The result? Her people were saved, her uncle’s position was restored and she was found even more favorable in the eyes of her king and people. 

Sweet friend, you are not common either. What is God calling you to? Give Him your yes. But If you find yourself stuck, unable to move, let Mordecai's words encourage you that maybe you too were born for such a time as this.

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