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10 Ways to Know You've Found The One

Real talk, I used to see friends post their "love stories'' on Facebook and I wasn't buying all the hype. I thought true love and "the one" were for fairy tales and Disney movies. I couldn't imagine some perfect man loving me in such a way that it would cause me to post-romantic, mushy feelings on social media.

But I had faith.

Not faith for "the one" but faith in THE One...the One true God.

I had faith that if God could create the universe (and do all of His other God-sized miracles), then surely He could bring me the right man of God who would love me in such a way that romantic, mushy feelings would spill out of me and onto the pages of my social media.

This faith caused me to hold onto God when I saw friend after friend getting married, having kids, buying homes, and living life with their 'one'.

This faith caused me to believe that God would heal every broken place in me so that when He did bring me 'the one', I would have the capacity to love and be loved by him.

This faith caused me to remain single even though dating the wrong guys would have been a lot easier and less lonely.

This faith caused me to know THE ONE and become the one, instead of looking for the one in all of the wrong places.

Friends, if you are single, waiting, praying, and believing for the are some ways to know when you have found him:

  1. You found THE ONE. You will never find the right person or have the right marriage until you have found God. Find Him first. Get your heart right with Him and let Him be the One who directs your love life.

  2. He puts God first. Just like you need to find THE ONE, so does he. When you both put God first, the relationship becomes less about you and more about loving the other person.

  3. He prays for you. You want a man who will run to God with you and for you. Does he ask God for help to love you? When you're sick, does he bring you soup and prayer? Most importantly, is he seeking God on how to move forward in your relationship?

  4. You pray together. You and your man should be praying together and seeking God first together.

  5. Timing. This one is tricky. I know people who were married after a few weeks and others after years of dating. The thing to remember with timing is that it will be different for every couple. Pay attention to what God says and the timing He gives.

  6. The right one isn't perfect. You will never find the perfect man. Never. He's going to have flaws, insecurities, and hurts that need to be healed...just like you. Finding the right person means that you can have grace for the areas that he is growing in.

  7. He's your best friend. Can you talk about everything with him? Do you enjoy being around him?

  8. Put some purpose in it. You know you've found the right one when you have dreams and a kingdom purpose together. Having a family and buying a house are great but God calls us to more. He calls us to multiply our talents, share the gospel, love our neighbors...the right one will have the purposes of God in his heart.

  9. You have fun together. Yes, we need purpose and to pray together...but fun is also needed. Do you laugh and play together? Fun is important to living life together.

  10. He asks God for your heart. The right man will know that you are a daughter of the King and if he wants to pursue you in marriage, he needs to ask the King first.

In all honesty folks, there's no perfect science to knowing when you find the right person to spend your life with but when you put God first and let Him be the ONE in your life...He will help you know if you found the right one to spend your life with.

"I found the one my soul loves" -Song of Solomon 3:4

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