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Delighting in God: Finding Joy in Our Creator By Laura Coppock

In a world that often bombards us with expectations and pressures, finding solace and strength in the One who gives freely is essential. As women, one of the most powerful sources of comfort, joy, and empowerment lies in delighting in God as our creator and Abba Father. Many times during my quiet reflection time, I stand amazed at how His presence shifts my focus from the sometimes unbearable pressures of life to peace. But how does this happen? Recognizing God as my creator and embracing His character as my Abba Father ushers in an ability to delight in Him. How, you ask?

First, recognizing God as our creator allows us to appreciate the beauty and purpose in our lives. As women, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by society’s standards of beauty or success. However, our perspective shifts when we embrace the truth that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving and intentional Creator. We no longer need to conform to the world's shallow ideas. Instead, we can celebrate our unique qualities, recognizing that we are created with a purpose and for a purpose. Embracing this truth helps us find joy in our individuality and live authentically, with confidence and contentment.

Also, embracing God as our Abba Father deepens our understanding of His love for us. "Abba" signifies an intimate and affectionate relationship, much like that between a father and his child. God's love for us surpasses any earthly love we may experience. He knows us intimately, loves us unconditionally and desires the best for us. As we develop a personal relationship with Him, we can find comfort and safety in His presence, knowing we are never alone. In times of hardship or uncertainty, we can turn to our Abba Father, seeking His guidance, comfort, and strength. Delighting in God as our Abba Father reminds us that we are cherished, protected, and valued beyond measure.

When I receive revelation about God as my Abba, I recognize God as my source of strength, enabling me to overcome challenges with resilience and grace. As women, we face obstacles ranging from personal struggles to societal pressures. However, when we anchor ourselves in the strength that comes from God, we tap into an unshakeable power that enables us to face any adversity with confidence. It is through our weaknesses that God's strength shines brightest. When we surrender our burdens to Him, He equips us with the resilience and fortitude necessary to overcome them. Delighting in God as our source of strength empowers us to embrace our potential, pursue our dreams, and positively impact the world around us.

Do you wish to meet and revel in delight for the God who loves you?

Here are some Practical steps to help us cultivate a more profound delight in God:

  • Regular prayer allows us to communicate with our Creator, expressing our joys, concerns, and desires while also listening to His voice.

  • Reading and studying the Bible can deepen our understanding of God's character and plans for our lives, providing wisdom and guidance for our journey.

  • Surrounding ourselves with a community of believers who share our faith can also be instrumental in nurturing our relationship with God as we support and encourage one another in our spiritual growth.

As women, we have the incredible opportunity to delight in God as our creator, our Abba Father, and welcome Him as our source of strength. When we embrace these aspects of our relationship with Him, we find joy, purpose, and resilience in our lives.

Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, deeply loved by your Abba Father, and equipped with the strength to overcome any obstacle. As you cultivate a deeper connection with God, may you experience the abundant blessings that come from delighting in Him.

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Beautiful reminder of our Abba and His yearning to be with us ❤️

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