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Disengage - Navigating Online Connections with Grace and Boundaries

Recently, I took to social media to share my insights on spiritual hindrances – perspectives grounded not in personal experience or bias but rooted in biblical teachings. With full confidence in the scriptural foundation of my post, I shared it on my page. The next day, I was taken aback by a comment that was brimming with animosity. The negativity was palpable; it was more than mere disagreement - it was a force attempting to drag me into an unnecessary digital duel. Without giving it a second thought, I deleted the comment and blocked the user. If they hadn't hesitated in hurling unsolicited, divisive messages, why should I hesitate to block them?

Over the years, I've set boundaries with numerous online "friends", including some I've known offline. For many, my digital 'boundary-setting' is puzzling. They wonder how I can unfriend or block someone, they fear I might hurt that person's feelings. But here's my take: I actively and purposefully guard my peace and inner being against any entity that aims to kill, steal, or destroy.

In today's digital age, the boundaries between our personal and online lives have blurred. The essence of social media makes it feel like we're inviting hundreds of strangers into our living rooms every day, exposing ourselves to their unsolicited advice, criticisms, and more. The art of setting personal boundaries has been overshadowed by the noise of likes, shares, and comments.

However, it's crucial to remember this: Our peace of mind, self-worth, and well-being are paramount. If it's a toss-up between my mental sanctity and a superficial online connection, I'll always prioritize the former. I yearn for peace, and I advocate for others to embrace the same. The vast digital realm needn't be a battlefield. You're under no obligation to entertain every opinion, engage with every comment, or befriend every user. Discernment is key.

As you navigate the digital world, consider these three strategies for a peaceful experience:

  1. Scheduled Social Media Breaks: Set aside dedicated times in the day when you disconnect from all platforms. Use this time to engage in activities that nourish your soul and well-being.

  2. Curate Your Feed: Follow accounts and pages that resonate with your values, uplift your spirit, and contribute positively to your mental space. Unfollow or mute those that don't.

  3. Establish Ground Rules: Create and enforce your personal set of 'digital etiquette' rules. Whether it's not responding to negative comments, setting specific hours when you're offline, or limiting time spent on certain platforms – stay consistent.

Remember to prioritize yourself and your peace. Draw boundaries, silence the detractors, and cherish connections that genuinely value and uplift you. In a world of constant chatter, sometimes the best sound is the click of the 'block' button, preserving your peace.

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