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Don’t Let The Urgent Crowd Out The Divine

Another Monday morning, and my to-do list stretches in front of me like Buzz Lightyear says, “To infinity-and beyond!” As you chuckle in amusement, I bet a part of you is cringing in agreement.


So many tasks fill our days. So many demands on our time! How do we sort through the rubble of what needs to be done to determine the most crucial items to fill our limited agendas? What needs to be done now, and what could wait?


I pondered this as I scooped the cat box and carried laundry to the basement. A seemingly endless list of household chores and errands grew until I felt overwhelmed. How could I ever get it all done?


As my head bowed in frustration, I felt a nudge in my soul. It was as if God told me I had forgotten something vital. I went over my usual morning routine, and there it was. I skipped over my devotional time to get chores started. Then the chores took over, clamoring for the top spot on my to-do list, shoving time with the Lord lower and lower until my day seemed too full to spend any time with Him. 


What? Did I do that? Did I let myself be distracted by tasks that could be done later? Yes, I did. Breathing a prayer of apology and repentance, I climbed the stairs to my home office and sat down. Confessing I pushed time with Him to the back burner was difficult but necessary. I needed to prioritize God over everything else. 


Can you imagine the impact it would have on our days if we truly prioritized God and spending time with Him over everything else?


We can reset our day and start again. God is the God of second chances. He loves to assist us to seek Him and spend time with Him. He gives us grace, time after time. That undeserved favor draws me in and comforts me when I have mucked things up.


God is willing to forgive us, if we humble ourselves and admit we made ourselves and our agendas more important than Him. This stings the conscience a bit, doesn’t it? I beg you, please learn to make Him your first priority, and don’t let the urgent crowd out the divine. Time with Him always helps you set your priorities and accomplish more than you could imagine. 


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