Don't Wound on Me

I'm no stranger to childhood wounds or pain. Growing up with two addicted parents, abuse, and in-and-out of foster homes didn't leave much room for warm and fuzzy feelings. For most of my twenties, I relived those childhood wounds in the form of bad decisions, bad relationships, and even wounding the people around me. Through lots of pain and loss, I realized that I became a person who wounded others. Broken by this, I took my wounds to the Lord and asked Him to heal me. Through years of sitting with the Lord and allowing Him to heal those old wounds, I became a person who brings healing rather than pain to those around me.

Now, maybe because of my past or the work I have done to get to the present, I have become very sensitive to the woundedness of others. I will quickly distance myself if a person wounds all over me.

I believe there is a place for healing, grace, love, and patience when people are hurting, but I tend to draw the line when that place becomes hostile or unsafe. This has cost me friendships, jobs, and environments, but it has afforded me peace, safety, belonging, and love.