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Get Low

I often get distracted during worship at church. I am highly sensitive to my environment, so it can be challenging for me to focus my attention and worship on God, when there's so much "noise" all around me. I love the Lord and I love worship, so this can often lead to an avalanche of negativie emotions, feeling like I'm not focused enough on God. Which then leads to more distraction and less worship. And that merry-go-round just keeps going.

I learned many years ago that to avoid all of this, I need to get low. I need to position myself so that I can worship and hear the Lord above all of the noise in and around me. To get low with the Lord, I physically need to get low. While everyone else is standing during worship, I will often be on the ground, on my knees. I will tuck myself between the chairs, unseen by those around me. Only then, does my worship begin to feel calm, quiet, and still with the Lord.

I find this is true for daily life as well. There are so many demands, responsibilities, distractions, and "noise" that can pull us away from hearing or worshiping God daily. There's so much noise that can lead us away from our priorities, purpose, and calling. Since the noise and distractions aren't going away, we need to "get low" in order to get quiet.

Getting low might look like:

  • Putting your phone on DND when you are studying, working on important tasks, or in your quiet time with the Lord.

  • Getting out of your house to spend time with the Lord, rather than trying to get quality time while others are buzzing around you.

  • Removing distractions from your car, office, or home. Or removing distracting apps from your phone.

  • Having a plan for the day or a plan for your quiet time. Sometimes distractions come because we have no structure; create the structure you need to stay focused.

  • And if all else fails, sit on the floor, put on some worship music and bring your heart low before the Lord.

Lowliness is a state of humbling, it's putting yourself in a place of unimportance. When we bring our time, treasures, talents, and hearts low, we are telling God "these things are unimportant, You matter more." What do you need to bring low before the Lord today? What do you need to bring to a place of unimportance so that you can make God a priority? When you do that, the noise of the day will become quiet.

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