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How to Bloom in the Desert

Ever feel like nothing is changing?

Or maybe you're in a dry season and it feels like there is no water in sight?

Maybe you've been searching, pressing in and doing 'all the things', yet nothing seems to change.

Rest assured, we've been there too. And we know what you're going through.

Here are some ways you can bloom even in a desert, dry, scorching hot season. 

1. Drink water. Just as we need water in our daily life (they say half of your body weight in ounces), we also need water in our spiritual life. What is spiritual water you might ask...and we're glad you did! Spiritual water or Living Water is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your best advocate, prayer partner, help, comforter and friend. Just ask the Holy Spirit for an outpouring of water in a dry season and watch as He refreshes you.

2. Praise and worship. We need the Holy Spirit to give us living water in and out of dry seasons, no doubt. We also need to put ourselves in a position to hear, receive and lean into the Father through praise and worship. Praise and worship does not have to be limited to 30 minutes in church on Sunday. You can turn worship music on in your car, room or at the gym. You can dance to worship songs. Sing like no one can hear you. Paint. Play an instrument. Or even journal. There is no one way to worship. Just get in a position to thank the Father for being our most awesome God and pour out your heart to Him.

3. Prayer. Never stop praying. Pray when you wake up. Pray when you get ready. Pray when you walk to your car. Pray. What is prayer? Simply put, it's talking to God. Tell Him about your day. Ask Him about those pressing things on your mind. Ask Him what's pressing His mind. Just talk to Him like you would talk to your cat.

4. Write. Journaling and writing your thoughts down is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase your memory, rewire your brain and improve your mental health. When you journal to God, you're also talking to Him (prayer) while processing your emotions. This is a great way to hear from Him, sort your thoughts and get clarity. 

5. Listen. Often we can be in a desert season and feel like we're not hearing God. God never stops talking to us. Sometimes we just can't hear Him. Maybe it's because there are too many other thoughts circling in our minds. Or we may be fighting feelings of hopelessness. Whatever the case, when we have faith to seek Him and ask Him for wisdom, He promises to give it to us. So keep asking and putting yourself in a place to hear from Him.

There are many other ways to connect with God and bloom in a drought season. The important thing is to keep seeking Him, keep believing, Keep focusing your heart on Him. When you look up you'll realize you were blooming all along. 

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Aww I love this. 😍 Amen!

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