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Not To Drown, But To Surround

Your healing balm gently covers me

Sealing me in a cocoon that warms and soothes

Flowing over me

Not to drown,

But to surround me with Your love

And to draw me into Your Presence

And Your healing embrace

That takes away all my fear

And replaces it with the security only You can provide.

Never to drown

Only to surround me with Your peace

That calms and lifts me up

On a wave that carries me to You.

You’re the ocean vast and wide

And the boat where I can hid

Safe, amid the storms and strife

And waves that want to take my life.

Because even in the depths, You are there

Giving me a reason to triumph o’er despair

I am safe where You are

No place is too far

Beyond Your reach

Please teach me

Not to fear

But to bend my ear

To Your whispers of hope

And Your safety rope

That wraps me in cords of love

Sent from Heaven above.


September 19, 2023

Lisa Kurz Parrish

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