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Park It Here

In this busy Christmas season, do you feel like a battery that won’t hold a charge? Are you having difficulty figuring out how to get it all done? The key to this might surprise you. It’s all about finding rest. What kind of rest do you need? You need to find rest in the Lord. Here are five steps you can take to learn how to rest in Him.

  1. Still the chatter. Your mind is constantly at work, telling you all the things that need to be done. Multiple voices chip away at your feelings of worth, reliability, accountability, and usefulness. You need to learn how to breathe deeply and still all the voices. Their chatter is simply noise. Learn to empty your mind so you can be ready to listen to the Lord.

  2. Meditate. Take a passage of Scripture and read it over and over. Find a passage that speaks to you of rest. Consider each word of the passage and its meaning. Try reading it in different versions. Let it soak into your mind, heart, and soul. Think of it like you are marinating in it to let it permeate every fiber of your being. 

  3. Ponder, dwell, linger. These words tell us that we need to stay in this place longer. In other words, park it here! This place of lingering is a special time for you to relax and unwind from all of the tension the world piles on you.

  4. No agenda, no limits. Give yourself time and space. Don’t come with an agenda. God wants to speak to you while you ponder His words from the Bible and while you linger with Him. He might surprise you with what He has to say!

  5. Recharge the batteries. This is the best way to recharge those spent batteries. They don’t need to be discarded. God has the power we need to be completely filled up and ready to face the day. When we rely on ourselves, we run out of charge. When you spend time pondering His words, allowing them to soak into your mind, heart, and soul, then listening for Him to speak, you are filled with His supernatural power through the Holy Spirit. Stay connected and you will stay charged up.

Spend time with Him, linger a little longer with Him, and ponder His truths revealed to you in the Bible. Don’t be afraid to park there. Let Him recharge your spent batteries and enable you to get it all done. The Bible tells us in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” ESV. Without Him, we are nothing. Invite God into every part of your day. He loves to linger with you. Take some time to linger with Him during the season we celebrate His wonderful gift of eternal life to us.

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