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The Summer of My Dreams

Wishes were made on dandelions when I was a child. Blowing their seeds into the wind’s path and watching them fly away sparked a hope that one day my wishes would grow into dreams that might come true.

Have you ever had a dream that seemed impossibly far out of your reach? I have. Several years ago, God called me to write Christian novels. As an avid, even voracious reader, I love novels! Any genre, any length, I’m not picky. But writing one myself? What did I know about writing a novel? I was a nurse, not a trained writer. And the type of novel He called me to write - biblical fiction, seemed kind of crazy. Who was I, to write biblical fiction?

But God. God can do anything. I fought against the idea of writing, even as the ideas came, fast and furious. At first, I jotted things down on paper, then switched to the computer to easily put the pieces together. I was frustrated as I attempted to make sense of the ideas I was receiving. I didn’t have any idea how I should proceed.

I kept writing, but I kept fighting, as well.

Years passed. I had many ideas I tried to birth, but nothing seemed to work. Then God got my attention through an illness. Suddenly, all the barriers to writing that I had erected were taken away. I had time to write, more time than I had ever thought possible.

I found an online writing group and a coach. She believed in my idea and God’s ability to work through me. Over the course of a few years, my story took shape.

A year ago, I completed my debut novel. Now came the dreaded task of editing. I looked at my novel and had no idea how to start. Plunging myself into writing classes and books on editing, the overwhelm was ridiculous. But the immersive experience is the best way to learn a foreign language, so I plugged away at it.

The year has flown by. I have taken many classes and read so many books that I cannot remember them all. God is using this to teach me the craft and art of writing. He worked, even though I didn’t see it. He prepared the way for me. In His timing, as I waited and listened to Him and followed His leading, He did the following.

I entered a national Christian fiction contest and made the semifinals; an agent is interested in me and has requested to see my whole manuscript; I have learned some of the art of editing; and God has made so many connections and friendships for me in the traditional publishing world that I am blown away.

Don’t give up on impossible dreams because I am here to say, “Look what God can do with a surrendered heart and our yes.”

Those crazy dreams that seem so far out of reach? I’m living proof that they do come true. I am living the summer of my dreams.

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