Vulnerability...Let's Talk About It

About a year ago I started HeartStance. Though I had been publicly writing and sharing my post for years, it was only about a year ago that I launched HeartStance with the intent to put everything in one place and my dreams into action. In the matter of months, I created this website, wrote a ton of blogs and articles, wrote the HeartStance book and spoke at a conference with many in attendance. Talk about a rush. Years of dreaming, planning and writing accumulated in one place in what seemed to be a flash. The result was my dreams being fulfilled and a majored dose of victory in accomplishment. But I wasn't prepared for what would happen next: a massive almost year-long vulnerability hangover. I poured my heart and soul out for the world to see and woke up the next day feeling 'what did I just do?!'. Frozen by shame, I just hid for months not even looking at the HeartStance website or writing a single word again. I have since learned, that these feelings can be normal for a writer (or for taking big risk) and I find comfort that I am not alone in my feelings.