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Image by Samuel Lopes

The King is Here

Rosie Rochelle

The King is Here

“Hosanna! Hosanna!” I was startled awake, “Hosanna, in the highest!” The town was buzzing with excitement as the sun rose over the horizon. Buzzing excitement and bustling markets were typical for this time of year, as people hurried to prepare for the upcoming Passover celebrations. But today was different - today, there was a sense of anticipation that seemed to build with each passing moment. I walked my usual route, making my way through the winding streets, I could feel the hum of activity swirling around me. The scents of fresh baked bread wafted through the air as friendly market vendors smiled at me with warm greetings of shalom.

“Hosanna! Hosanna!” The shouts interrupted my thoughts. “He’s here! Hurry…. come see!” Without thinking, I darted through the bustling crowds that gathered on the streets of Jerusalem, my curiosity piqued by the excitement that was building all around me. People were shouting and waving palm branches, their faces bright and their hearts seemed awakened. I pushed my way through the masses, I heard whispers of a man named Jesus, his name was on everyone’s lips these days. A prophet, a healer, a teacher, and a man of great wisdom. He had been traveling all over the land, teaching people about a new kingdom, teaching people about love and kindness, and the power of God. I heard of the many people being healed, even the blind, lame, and lepers. A man who heals lepers. It was unconscionable. Yet, I wanted to know more. I wanted to see for myself. Who was this man they called Jesus? Who was this man, they called the Messiah? 

I was intrigued. A man who healed the sick and preached about love and kindness? This wasn’t the king we were expecting, this wasn’t the ruler we thought we needed. I reached the edge of the crowd, I caught a glimpse of him - Jesus, riding on a donkey through the streets of Jerusalem. People all around me were laying their cloaks and palm branches on the ground, as he passed, shouting “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

I watched in awe as Jesus drew near. His eyes were kind and gentle, his demeanor calm and peaceful. The atmosphere seemed to shift as he got closer, the chaos settled, the darkness fled. I felt something stirring in my heart, my eyes welled up with tears, I was overcome with his love.

Click, clack. Click, clack.

I hear them coming. I hear the donkey; I see the colt. We’ve been waiting for so long, hundreds of years, for the Messiah. I watched my parents pray and wait every day for the Messiah to 

come. I watched as the Roman guards were harsh, often harassing my father. I watched as the tax collectors came and took all my family’s earnings, often leaving us with nothing. My parents hoped and believed the Messiah would come, that the Messiah would save 

us all.

“Hosanna! Hosanna! Make way for the King! The King is coming!”

He’s closer now, I can feel it. The earth around seems to shake. He is the King, I know it. He will save us all. I ran to a date tree nearby, quickly stripping off a few branches. “Jesus! Jesus!” I can see him now. The King. Hosanna. Savior. Chief Cornerstone. I remember the prayers of my parents. I run to him, I’m not worthy but I bow in his presence. I lay my branches on the ground, I lay my honor before the King. “Jesus! Jesus! King Jesus!”

The King is here.

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