A Land of Hope

Several years ago I had an opportunity to step into something new, something that had the potential to change my life, my faith and my future. For about two years I prayed for an opportunity like this so when I found it, I eagerly applied and started planning for how I would embark on this new adventure.

Then, life happened.

Just a few weeks before this opportunity took place, my dad unexpectedly passed away. At thirty years old, I didn’t have the capacity, skills, community or faith to walk through grief. My natural response was to turn to old habits and decline this opportunity. I felt lost and broken and I didn’t see how quitting my job, moving to a new state and jumping into an unknown future was a good idea.

But God didn’t accept my no. He sent people to encourage me, provided a financial scholarship and even free housing. All I had to do was say yes and drive to this new land.