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Behind the Scenes

My love for Disney is no secret. Disney World to be more specific. There's a hidden world under the world of imagination. In this secret world, cast members bustle to and fro, orchestrating the magic above. Park guest have no idea that Cinderella, Snow White, and Mickey may be walking right beneath them as they enjoy all the park has to offer. It's these hidden secrets and the imagination behind this design that captures my awe and wonder.

I can't help but think this is just a tiny glimpse of how the Holy Spirit moves in our lives. We never see in the natural the orchestrated moves the Holy Spirit is making in our lives. We can easily think something is a coincidence or happenstance, but it's really the Holy Spirit moving beneath our understanding and natural sight, to make the magic happen.

My husband and I recently experienced this when we visited Virginia for my graduation ceremony. I only decided two weeks prior to the ceremony that I wanted to attend. I didn't think I would be able to attend because there were many details to plan and there was little chance I would receive my regalia on time. But one detail by one was "coincidentally" worked out.

-My ceremony registration was accepted even though I missed the registration date by one month.

-The school changed their regalia vendor resulting in an overstock of regalia being stored at the campus and allowing me to easily pick up my regalia on campus. If this didn't happen, I wouldn't have been able to order or receive my regalia on time.

-Though most hotels in the area were sold out, a local family "just so happened" to post their first AirBnB and I "just happened" to see it the day after they posted it, even though I never look at AirBnB.

It could be so easy to see these things as a coincidence or just working out but here's the kicker, I almost didn't go to my graduation and I didn't think I wanted to go. Several people encouraged me to attend. So when everything supernaturally came together, I knew it was the Lord's way of celebrating me and saying "you did it, well done my daughter!" And see, if you look close enough you will see, the Holy Spirit's behind the scenes maneuvering will usually reveal His love for you. His maneuvering will always point you back to the Father.

Next time something seems to coincidentally come together or you bump into an old friend out of the blue, stop and ask if this is the Holy Spirit moving to bring a greater purpose for your day. Don't be so quick to pass off something as "just working out", instead look for how the Holy Spirit is moving behind the scenes to reveal the love of the Father to you.

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