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In the Queue

Today was a big day - Disney annual passes went on sale after being on hiatus since the pandemic. I couldn't wait to upgrade my "weekday only" pass and enjoy all the benefits of being a Disney pass holder, especially the ability to go on a Saturday with my husband and friends.

I logged into the website at 9am, three hours after the passes went on sale, expecting a wait, but a manageable one. Minutes turned to hours, and I found myself stuck in a virtual queue with no estimated wait time. The little blue bar at the bottom of my screen indicated my progress, but offered no comfort or foreseeable future for my Disney Pass dreams. The website warned me not to refresh my screen or I may lose my spot in the queue. So I stood in my place and waited.

And I waited.

And waited.

As the day went on, I started to feel anxious so I checked Disney fan pages for updates, to see how long others were waiting in queue. I read stories of people waiting for 5 or more hours, so I felt I was still on track. But I also read that the passes were sold out and I began to panic. After seven long hours, I finally saw an "estimated wait time" of 58 minutes...then 30 minutes. My wait time dropped to 13 minutes, then 10, and finally, 8 minutes.

I was in. This was my moment. My Disney upgrade was in reach.

Small hiccup - I was at a work function with my executive director sitting right next to me. I frantically checked and rechecked my phone while strategizing how to process my transaction, without visibly seeming unprofessional or disengaged. As I watched that little blue bar turn into a "welcome" page, I didn't want to forfeit my spot after hours of waiting, so I embraced my moment to go after my Disney upgrade dreams. In that moment, I was willing to risk how I looked on the outside for what I longed for on the inside.

And it got me thinking - waiting can be hard and inconvenient, but sometimes we need to wait our turn for the things God calls us to. When we keep our eyes on the Lord and focus on the tasks at hand, waiting becomes easier. But when we start looking around and comparing our progress to others, we become anxious and impatient.

When its your time, when you've waited and paid your dues, sometimes you still need to take a risk and be willing to look foolish to go after the things God has placed in your heart.

Finally, God calls us to the upgrade. He desires for us to grow, advance, and upgrade in our work, ministry, and relationships. You may find yourself in queue, waiting for the next season, breakthrough, or opportunity, but be willing to stay in your place, in the queue and wait for your little blue bar to advance in God's perfect timing.

For me, in my world of Disney, I got my upgrade and you will find me in the parks this weekend.

Stay magical!

For my Disney friends, I created a 1-day Disney devotional and planning guide to add a little Pixie Dust to your day! Grab it here! (It's free)

“Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.” (ESV) - Isaiah 30:18

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