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Count The Cost: Making Decisions That Count

We are faced everyday with SO many choices. How do you know what to chose? What about the big life decisions like school or a big move? Here are some ways to help make those big life decisions without paying a high cost later. 

1. Count the cost. There is a parable in the book of Matthew that talks about a builder who would count the cost before building a house. He would ensure he had enough materials, money and resources before ever starting on his project, otherwise he may never finish. When you're faced with a big decision count the cost. Can you see it though financially? Do you have the resources to complete it? Will it be a burden that you can carry or a burden that will break you?

2. Follow the stream. If you ever watch a stream or river, the water is always going somewhere. If you throw a stick in the water, it will flow downstream. When you're faced with a decision, throw a stick in the water (metaphorically speaking) and watch where it goes. Can you see yourself following that decision for the next 5, 10 or 20 years? Do you like where it's going? Does it match with your overall goals, values and beliefs?

3. Get wisdom. Too often we can make big decisions without seeking outside help. Wisdom is our friend. Wisdom will help us see what we can't see on our own. Ask a trusted parent, older friend, teacher or pastor for wisdom before moving on anything major. Don't know anyone to ask? Email us, we'd love to help!

Life is going to throw a lot of choices at you. Don't go at it alone, bring people into your process and always seek the Lord for His direction too. 

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