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Building 20/20 Vision

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

As Thanksgiving approaches and the year comes rolling to an end, I can't help but reflect not only this year but in the last decade.

A decade of dreams.

A decade of restoration.

A decade of new.

It was just ten years ago that I found myself looking into the bottom of a barrel of despair and hopelessness after one too many heartbreaks in life. The identity that I built in the world came crashing down, leaving me asking "who am I and what is the purpose of my life?" The despair overwhelmed me and I found myself looking for answers in very dark places.

As I searched, God met me and patiently redirected me back to a relationship with Him. You see, though I knew God I spent my life up to that point rejecting Him like a prodigal daughter. I'd say things like "I won't go back to God until _____ happens", always putting up some kind of barrier between me and the lover of my soul.

So even though I knew God...I didn't really know God. I didn't know that His love and grace could cover a multitude of my sins and the sins done against me.

I didn't know His love could restore years of brokenness in my life.

I didn't know He could have a vision, plan and purpose for me.

Much like the prodigal son returned home to a father who embraced and celebrated him, just ten years ago I returned home to a Father who embraced, comforted and celebrated me. This return home led my life on a new path, one that I never imagined was possible. God gave me a new vision for my life and through many trials, changes, mission trips, discipleship training, relationships and God-directed moves of faith, I am now walking in the vision and purpose God has for me. I am walking in freedom, restoration and truly thriving as His daughter.

The road to get here wasn't always clear and often God had to move debris out of the way so that I could walk worthy. But He is faithful and continues to hold my hand every step of the way.

Building vision takes time, practice, effort and intentional focus. Here are some important lessons I've learned about vision and calling along the way:

  1. Write it down. Ten years ago God placed a vision on my heart. He showed me my design, desire and designation as His daughter. I have written this vision over and over through the last ten years, at times with excitement and other times not believing it would come to pass. Revisiting the vision I wrote has kept me pressing forward in the difficult moments. Habakkuk 2:2 says to "write the vision and make it clear" and has been my life verse for at least the last five years. Any time I'm overwhelmed, discouraged or even just a normal day, God reminds me to "write it down."

  2. Vision takes time. Too often in our instant culture generation we like things to happen now, myself included. There have been so many times I've jumped in the deep end when I wasn't ready, not realizing that vision takes time. There is a character and faith building process that needs to happen so that we can see our vision through. God knows this and will direct and redirect us so that we are growing into our vision with Him.

  3. Relationships matter. God likes relationships, it's who He is. So it makes sense that when it comes to our vision, He likes others to be involved with us. We're not a one-man show. Build relationships with those around you and with God. These relationships will help your vision and you will help theirs.

  4. God provides. When Solomon built the temple, it was with his father David's vision, blueprints and resources. Solomon just had to see it through. When God gives us vision, He will align the resources, people and blueprints we need at the right time. I've learned that if something isn't working or I am pushing too hard, most likely those are my plans and not the Lord's or it's not the right time. When they are God's plans, I simply ask the Lord for what I need and He provides. There's no stress or striving on my end.

  5. Vision should be fun. I once planned an event and was d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g it. As I approached the venue, the Lord spoke to my heart, "This is supposed to be fun. If you're not enjoying it, your heart is in the wrong place and not aligned with my heart." His vision and the work He calls us to is something we should be enjoying with Him. If it's not enjoyable, check your heart.

  6. Character matters. We can have the vision, write it, make it clear and run with it. We can even be successful with it. But without character and God as our foundation that vision will crumble or, at the very least, give people the wrong picture of God. Build healthy character, emotional maturity, relationship intelligence and overall leadership qualities. These traits will take you further in your vision and relationships than any of the latest sales marketing techniques can.

  7. Get equipped. Take time to learn, develop and be equipped in your walk with the Lord and area of vision. The Lord gives us wisdom for our vision but He wants us to be equipped too. That could mean going back to school, reading multiple books, joining networking groups or signing up for a ministry school. There's no right or wrong, just seek to grow in Him and your gifts.

  8. You can have multiple visions. Ten years ago God gave me a vision of me creating a website, writing books and speaking as a ministry/call to encourage women in their identity and walk with the Lord. He also gave me a vision of me becoming a wholehearted woman, truly living in my identity in Christ and His love for me. The visions went hand-in-hand. There's no way I could have a ministry to encourage women in their identity if I wasn't walking strong in my own. Sometimes your visions will go hand-and-hand. Other times, they might not but there should always be a theme of God and bringing others into the kingdom.

  9. Celebrate small victories. When the vision takes time it can be so easy to get impatient or discouraged in the wait. If you take a moment to celebrate the small wins you will realize that your're not waiting for the vision to come at all but you are actively living it. Celebrate yourself and those around you. Celebrate God's love and grace in your life. Remember and recall all that He has done for you. Cultivate a heart of gratitude.

  10. God first. We need God as the foundation of our heart, life and vision. If He isn't first, our vision will perish. Seek Him first. Know Him first. Love Him first. The more you seek Him for Him, the more your vision will become clear.

Do you have a vision for your life? Do you know what God is calling you to? Keep building at it everyday. In ten years, you will find yourself looking back amazed at how far you've come and all the Lord has done.

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