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Father’s Day Reflections

After my dad passed away, Father's Day was always tough as others flooded social media with pictures and heartfelt messages of their father. There have been many moments of tears, anger, and pain. But as the years have passed, so has the grief of losing my father. Those big emotional moments were replaced with even bigger moments of the Lord comforting me, showing me His love as Father, healing me, guiding me, and mostly, just loving me as His daughter. There's nothing I wouldn't give to have a moment on this earth with my dad again, but there's nothing that can compare to the comfort and love I have experienced from God as my Father in my deepest moments of grief. He gives us rejoicing for mourning and replaces our grief with joy.

For those missing your father, husband, son, brother, friend, or loved one today, God promises to love you better than any earthly love can capture. And I promise, there will be day when it doesn't hurt as much as it might today. Though nothing can change the pain, you absolutely can and will learn how to navigate through it.

For those celebrating earthly love today, cherish the moments, even the dull ones, and appreciate the ones in front of you. Express your gratitude often, forgive quickly, and say "I love you" regularly. It's often the simple moments that become our most cherished memories.

Praying we all experience the love of our Father God today ♥️

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