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Shout Out to Mordecai

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I've been hearing many stories and references to Esther later. She's my girl.

Orphan to Queen to Boss Babe who saved her people. Talk about an influencer.

And she worked for it. She didn't just sit pretty all day. She risked her life to step up and speak up for her people.

But in all the times I've heard sermons about Esther, I cannot recall hearing much about Mordecai. Sure, I hear of him...but it's not often that he gets credit for the part he played in Esther's calling and purpose.

We know he is her uncle and took Esther in after her parents passed.

He refused to worship any other god and stood firm in his faith.

He was loyal to his king and protected him from his enemies.

He looked out for Esther, gave her wise counsel and connected her with the right people so that she would have the best possible chance of becoming Queen.

He challenged Esther to step up and rise as Queen and a voice for her people and he pushed her beyond her limits when she was afraid.

Esther listened to Mordecai because his character proved he was trustworthy. He had a track record of faithfulness to those around him and to God.

Esther would not be the woman or queen that she was if she did not have Mordecai in her corner. She would not have been able to influence the king or save her people from death. She needed Mordecai not only when she was a child but when she was walking in her calling as queen.

Here is the point for you and I, we all need a Mordecai on our side. A trustworthy friend and mentor to help us navigate the challenges in life. A person who will help challenge us when we are feeling afraid or complacent. Someone who reveals to us a heart of faithfulness.

So...shout out to Mordecai for being an example of what we need in our life and how we can model that in the life of others.

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