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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

I'm unable to ride a few rides at Disney World. Extreme vertigo, a history of seizures, and easily granted motion sickness will likely keep me from any ride that's too visually stimulating or too rocky to handle. So, I always opt to sit those ones out (except Soarn' but my eyes were closed the entire time!) I've navigated these kinds of situations for a long time so I'm pretty aware of what I can or cannot handle, and it never bothers me to sit out a ride or two. Usually when I opt out, my husband and friends will feel bad that I'm missing out. I always try to reassure them that I'm okay and I find the joy of missing out (JOMO) because I know the alternative is much, much worse. I'd rather sit out or miss out then get sick from a ride.

At times, life may feel like we are missing out or lacking compared to others. We might feel like we are missing opportunities or that others have things we don't. We may even long for the life on social media that others portray. Here are a couple of realities to consider: we will always miss out on certain things due to limitations of time, resources, or access. Furthermore, not everything that is good, is necessarily good for us. Disney rides are undoubtedly wonderful and magical, but not every ride is wonderful or magical for me. Likewise, there are some wonderful opportunities in this life, but not everything in life is beneficial for us.

One final thought: when I opt out of rides, I don't simply wait, twiddling my thumbs, and watch for my party to return. I sit immersed in the magic and imagination all around me. There are shops, characters, and activities for me to enjoy as I wait. I people watch, take in the joy around me, have a moment of rest, and sometimes I'll even write a blog or two. I truly wish all waiting was as magical as Disney! Nonetheless, waiting doesn't have to be dull or boring. Look around at the magical things in your life and you might not worry about the wait or missing out at all. You may even find yourself with a little bit of #JOMO.

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