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A Generational-Kingdom Perspective

I'm a bit of a Disney fanatic. I can't get enough of the magic it has to offer. A land where dreams come true, that's what they promise and deliver to you. I wonder if some people love this idea because it gives hope for bringing dreams to life? It seems nothing is impossible at Disney, right?

For me, it's the tangible, real-life innovation that causes me to love Disney. When I walk in the parks, I see a reality that once lived in Mr. Walt Disney's imagination. That kind of imagination and innovation brings life and joy to my spirit. It makes me feel like I too, can bring my imagination to life.

And knowing Mr. Disney's story, brings hope that I too can make dreams come true. He came from little, just a farm boy without much but his drawings. People around him noticed his talent and invested in him by purchasing his drawings. I doubt anyone at that time imagined young Walt would go on to become the king of imagination, they were likely just encouraging him in his craft. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to be one of the first to pour into our future creators, innovators, and leaders; we have no idea today, who were raising up for tomorrow.

I often think about the generations yet to be, the thinkers and leaders who will carry the wisdom we leave behind. And I find myself moving from striving towards my dreams to praying into how I can invest in the dreams of the next generation. I write with children and future generations in mind. I create with the hope that 20, 30, or even 50 years from now, someone will feel the tangible love of God through the work of my hands. And I live in a way that will model the love of Christ and feeedom He has afforded us.

This is the heart of God, He is generational. He puts dreams in our heart not only for us, but to pass those dreams on to those who come after.

Think of King David who had a vision for the temple. Rather than building the temple himself, he gave the vision to his son, King Solomon. Not only did he give his son the vision or idea, he gave him the blueprints, resources, and people he needed to build the temple and bring the vision to life.

What if, what you're dreaming up today, is just a seed, and that seed is meant to be planted for the future. I believe when we begin to see our life and dreams in this way, we move from a self-focused view to a generational-Kingdom-view.

Whatever you are dreaming today, I encourage you to think past today, tomorrow, or ten years from now. Imagine 50 or 100 years from now, how can your dream make an impact for the generation to come?

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