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A Mother’s Heart

A mother's heart, who will know? A mother's heart, it grows and grows.

I'm not a mom, and as much as I appreciate every church who wants to honor me and all women on Mother's Day, I don't deserve that honor. My brain cannot even process the love and sacrifice that goes into motherhood.

Mothers spend nine months caring for their growing baby in their belly. Nurturing it, cutting out caffeine, and forgoing many things the rest of us enjoy freely.

Mothers spend hours in labor and in excruciating pain to bring their baby into the world safely.

Months of sleepless nights, 2am feedings, zombie-like days, and no adult interaction become the life of a new mom.

Years of nurturing, teaching, caring for, and loving that little baby, all while putting her in goals, dreams, and hair appointments aside.

And though the hair appointments and adult conversations will eventually return, a mother's life will always be focused on her children more than herself.

Mother's are a safe place. They are the heartbeat of our community. They raise up the next generation and often the friends next to them as well.

To all the mom's, we celebrate you!

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