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Christmas Abiding

Christmas is such a magical time of year. The lights, sounds, smells, and Christmas spirit fill the air. I find it a bit interesting that this most magical time of year can also be the most frantic, busy, stressful, and, yes, even unenjoyable for some. Isn’t it like us, humans, to take something so magical and beautiful and fill it with busy schedules and many to-do lists. But this wasn’t the case for Mary and Joesph, even if not by choice. With nowhere to go but a little manger, Mary and Joseph found themselves quiet and alone one wonderful night. There were no trees or lights strewn about. No cookies or Christmas treats. No presents to pass around and no holiday meal to gather around. Just the two of them and a few animals on a starry night. And yet, this was the best Christmas that would ever be. Because this evening held the best birth we would ever know, the birth of our Lord, King Jesus. 

I wonder if we take time to slow down and be quiet with the Lord like Mary and Joseph were that evening, we would feel a little lighter. If we would know Him a little deeper. And even love Him a little fuller. What if this Christmas, our gift wasn’t all the presents, treats, or gatherings, but instead, a time of quiet abiding with our King? Perhaps we would truly have the most magical time of all. So, as you enjoy this holiday season, we invite you to spend a bit of intentional time abiding with the Lord, remembering the true gift of Christmas.

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