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De-Clutter Your Life

I don't like clutter. Not in my home. Not in my work. Not in my writing. I'm pretty infamous for throwing things out, finding ways to simplify my work, and cutting entire paragraphs, sections, or even pages out of my writing. I'm not big on holding onto things that no longer fit or add value to my life. And I'm not afraid to let go of things, even if it may hurt for a moment.

This thinking has led me to moving to new states, furthering my education, starting a business, and writing multiple books and magazines. When you're not afraid to let go, it gives you space to embrace and leap into new and courageous adventures. Sometimes, we hold onto things, emotions, relationships, or seasons, when God wants us to make space for something new. It's easy to hold on, thinking we know best, but God has a vision, a blueprint, and a dream for our future that's much bigger than we can understand. When we allow Him the de-clutter our mind, will, emotions, and lives, it creates space for us to take on new adventures.

Here are three simple ways to de-clutter your life this season:

  1. Your space: go through your closet and pull out those clothes you've been holding onto since high school. Donate anything you no longer use to a thrift store or women's shelter, there's someone who needs those items much more than your closet shelves.

  2. Your mind: starting or ending the day by journaling your thoughts can help you process and release your day, stress, or unresolved feelings. You can start with a gratitude list or simply write out what you're feeling.

  3. Your relationships: harboring unresolved feelings or resentment can hinder your current and future relationships. Pray and talk these feelings out with the Lord. Forgive who you need to forgive. Put up boundaries where boundaries are needed. The best way to de-clutter relationship issues is to be proactive to not to let those issues build up to begin with.

  4. Bonus! Your tasks: Clean up your task life by creating list, utilizing your calendar delegating, hiring help, or remove tasks that no longer fit your needs.

What areas do you need to de-clutter in this season? What emotions, relationships, tasks, or seasons do you need to remove from your life? Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom to determine what areas need a little summer clean-up in your life. You'll be happy you did.

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