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This Or That?

Have you seen the new trend that’s popular on social media called “This Or That?”

The trend compares different items and wants you to weigh in on what you like. Recently God gave me a list of this or that for me to ponder.

  • Delight or Drudgery

  • Eager or Dull

  • Joy or Fear

  • Grateful or Entitled

  • Gift or Punishment

  • Worth or Insignificance

  • Freedom or Floundering

  • Hope or Despair

  • Growth or Binding

Do any of these resonate with you? I have been on both sides of every one of these pairings over the last few months. I found that I have a choice to make with every task that needs to be done. How I look at it and what attitude I choose makes all the difference.

Do I look at things as a delight or as drudgery? Am I eager to take something on, or has the shine diminished on my enthusiasm, making me dull? Am I full or joy or full of fear? Do I feel grateful for a blessing, or have I crossed the line into feeling entitled to it? Do I consider a task a gift or a punishment? Do I know I have worth, or do I lapse into feeling insignificant? Do I have freedom or am I floundering? Do I well up with hope or despair? Am I growing, or have I let myself be bound by fear and doubt?

You have figured out what I mean by these. It’s a list to stop and ponder. Give these words time to soak into your heart and soul and ask God what attitudes you’ve chosen lately. What He has to say might surprise you. What do you see when you stop and look at yourself through His lens?

When it feels like life is stuck in a rut, we tend to react with negativity, which breeds and festers until it takes over. We live our lives believing our circumstances will neve

r change. In the trenches and valleys, gloom and doom reign supreme.

Cling to the truth that God sees you as more than someone insignificant. He knows you and calls you to follow Him, even if that’s only next door. Don’t think that you can’t change the world by staying in your immediate area. There are needs all around you if you are willing to look.

Perhaps you aren’t changing the world, but you can impact the world of someone around you. Don’t underestimate the little things. Sometimes offering someone a smile or a glass of water has a lasting impact on them.

Take a good look at my list of “this or that” and choose who you will be today. Will you be God’s or the world’s?

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