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Be The Curriculum

About ten years ago I went to a ministry school. The purpose of the program was to become more like Jesus, plain and simple. After 1 year, I didn't feel like Jesus, so I decided to stay on as a volunteer and serve the new students. As a volunteer, there were expectations and we were regularly exhorted to "be the curriculum" for the students. The idea was that more can be "caught then taught", so if we were living out a lifestyle of righteousness, others would "catch it" and follow. In those days, I'm not sure if I provided a quality curriculum for others to catch, but I have continued to use the method in my life for both teaching and my own learning.

In times when I've wanted to get a better hold on my finances, I've watched what friends were doing and I implemented their strategies.

When I wanted to be more stable in my career choices (versus jumping job to job), I looked at how others decided what companies to work for, then I followed that process.

Where I've been discouraged to invest in my gifts, calling, or dreams, I've followed the courage of others who boldly stand in their worth and value.

When I see areas of my life that are off balance or unhealthy, I look to those who have wholeness.

When I need to be reminded of what love, compassion, and sacrifice look like, I look to the many mothers who lay down their lives daily for their children.

We are all the curriculum. Our life, what we believe, and how we live will teach and encourage others. The crazy thing is, is that often, you will never know you are the curriculum for someone else. You may never know the blueprint you are providing for someone else to walk in their dream, calling, purpose, or wholeness. Admittedly, sometimes I look for the fruit in my own life, when God has only called me to be the tree that bears it.

For those who know or may never know that you have been the curriculum in my life, thank you, for living in wholeness and courage. I hope we will all be and receive the curriculum for the world around us.

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