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The Death of Comparison…

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I have a confession: sometimes I Facebook stalk a few people (okay more than a few)...I even compare myself to what others are doing and achieving...and wearing...and get the point.

Can you feel that? Slowly...the death of comparison creeps into my heart.

Thinking things like “why does that person have ____ and I don’t have that yet?” Or “I only have 400 Facebook friends? I want 1000 Facebook friends!” And even “I need to be doing more with my life like ‘so and so’.”

Oh the enticement of having “more”! How easy is it to think of what I don’t have instead of what I do have.

Can you relate? Ever feel like you're just not enough? Or like your Facebook life just isn't as good as that girl over there?

Beautiful sisters, sometimes we just need to change our focus. Instead of thinking of the 'not enoughs' in our lives, we can start reminding ourselves of the many "more than enoughs" we have.

Do you have a family? Friends? A home? A job? Someone to talk to today? Those are all things we can appreciate as "more than enoughs"!

So…instead of letting the death of comparison steal our joy…what if we let the truth of enough fill our lives? Comment below if you can relate and what your ‘enough’ is for today!

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