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Called Higher

I'm a writer, but you knew that. I've written countless blogs, articles, academic papers, newsletters, and 7 devotionals (technically 5 devotionals and 2 scripture reflection guides). You get the point, I write. And I love doing it. After putting it off for many years, this year I decided to write a book. I thought it would be a breeze since I can easily write in abundance but I'm quickly learning that my fast pace doesn't bode well for a book filled with historical context. Though I might be able to jam out a blog or two and scriptures will easily flow out of me, it's not the case when I'm writing a historical account from 2000 years ago!

Because this type of writing is much more involved, I'm quickly realizing I need to put my academic hat on, get structured, organize my content, do the research, and raise to a higher level in my writing. The timing for this is perfect, seeing as I will soon be writing in a doctorate degree program.

What I'm realizing is that I may be good in my gifting, I may even be accomplished, but I'm not meant to stay at the same level. God created us to grow and flourish. He calls us to rise higher. When we operate in our giftings faithfully, God will nudge and stretch us to go to a level we didn't know existed. He will encourage the best out of us.

What project, talent, or goal are you working on in this season? I encourage you to climb a little higher, push yourself a little harder, and believe you can do a little greater than before. Mixed with the power of the Holy Spirit, you'll be amazed at the work of your hands!

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2 comentarios

We can commiserate with our research and writing woes! Lol.

Me gusta
Rosie Rochelle
Rosie Rochelle
19 jul 2023
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LOL! We can support each other, for sure!

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