Friends Who Hold Our Arms Up

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

"When Moses' arms grew tired, Aaron and Hur brought a stone for him to sit on, while they stood beside him and held up his arms, holding them steady until the sun went down. In this way Joshua totally defeated the Amalekites.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write an account of this victory, so that it will be remembered. Tell Joshua that I will completely destroy the Amalekites.”"-Exodus 17:12-14

In this season, this has grown to be one of my favorite passages. Let me set the stage:

Moses would sit on the top of the mountain in prayer and worshiping the Lord, with his arms held high as the Isrealites fought the battles the Lord sent them to. Whenever his arms were up, the Isrealites would be winning the battle. Whenever his arms went down, the Isrealites would begin to lose.